Posted by: WeddingWire Network | August 15, 2007

Eco-Friendly/Green Honeymoons

Here’s a blog post on eco-friendly honeymoon from the Style Me Pretty blog.

One of our readers sent me some info on a company that she freelances for…Elevate Destinations. In a very small nutshell, Elevate Destinations pairs extraordinary travel with a philanthropic intent.



“We custom design individual, group and family trips, giving a percentage of profits to the protection of natural resources and community development in destination countries.”

Their trips range from safari’s in Africa, to excursions in India, Southeast Asia and South America…all while benefiting environmental preservation and community development. And guess what…the trips look AMAZING. Here is a general idea of what you would get on your African Honeymoon:

-Begin at the Ngong house, an alluring hotel where each room is a luxury treehouse constructed on stilts and carved from native wood.

-Glide across the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon at sunrise

-Watch wildebeest migrate while you enjoy a seven course picnic in the shade

-Bask on endless white sand beaches; swim with dolphins, surf and sail

-Soak in a candlelit bath under the stars

-Follow baby elephants on horseback

Yeah. It’s that good. So, for all of you out there that are thinking about laying on a beach somewhere for 10 days straight…just remember, after about day 3, even your new hubby might start to seem a little boring. Definitely spend some time looking through the Elevate Destinations site…it’s a beautiful company, built on a much needed concept.

For those of you that still aren’t feeling the African Honeymoon, the company also offers an innovative program called Travel Matters, an online travel philanthropy program, allowing eco-savvy brides and grooms to donate to a non-profit in the country they are visiting, whether or not they are traveling with ED. Brilliant.



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