Posted by: WeddingWire Network | January 31, 2008

Costa Rica Honeymoons

costa-rica.jpgIf you’re looking at Costa Rica for your honeymoon, try planning your vacation with Costa Rica Vacation Packages.   Offering packages for the nature lover or the adventure seeker and everything in between, there is sure to be something for everyone.   They offer packages specifically for the honeymooners as well ranging from 7-14 days honeymoons.  A great resource for planning your honeymoon in Costa Rica.



  1. We would like to invite you to our Costa Rica Family Vacation Blog:

    Also visit the Eco Preservation Society Blog and learn how you can help with important conservation projects in Costa Rica”

  2. Thanks for giving out those links, they are just what i have been looking for

  3. Just showing some blog love to my contacts.
    This is a great blog..I am planning a christmas wedding 2008 you posted some great ideas, I hope you don’t mind I might steal some..

  4. I found another blog that may be of your interest. It’s about a family that moved there and they are sharing thier experience.
    They offer great advice. I am thinking about moving to Costa Rica and these websites are a great source of information.

  5. While researching Costa Rica I found a site called It tells you all about vacationing as well as living there. The information you will find covers everything from the best restaurants to incorporating a business.

    There is a place in Costa Rica called Tabacon. It’s the most beautiful and exotic place you just have to visit. Take a look at the pictures.

    Enjoy your stay.

  6. I have just started wading through the Costa Rican Blog trails and I am amazed at the number of Americans who have made thier residence in Costa Rica.

    Two that I specifically recall are Costa Rica HQ and one called yo-yoinparadise. They are both by Americans that moved to Costa Rica.

    They are both tremendous supporters of Costa Rica for travel and living.

    The reason I mention them is, they both offer a lot of general advice on where to go, what to see, and other interesting information on Costa Rica.

    Scott S

  7. You may want to check out James D. Brausch’s Costa Rica HQ, a guide for those wishing to visit or live in Costa Rica.

    In one of his entries, James highly recommends Finca Mequengue Falls near Limon on the Carribean coast. To view some photographs, go to

    Among the places James also mentions are Tabacon, Xandari and Costa Rican National Parks like the Arenal Volcano and the Chirripo National Parks. To get first hand information on these wonderful places and other bits and pieces about Costa Rica, visit James’

  8. Indeed a great blog very useful for those planning a trip be it a honeymoon or family vacation to relax, have fun, go outdoors and enjoy nature.

    Just to share you want to see more of this beautiful paradise at Costa Rica HQ for some added information on where to visit and stay, food and drinks, and services you can avail. Drop in to see more of this marvelous travel spot at

  9. Yes, I agree with joyceyoj… is an excellent place to learn about CR travel, relocation strategies, etc. We’re planning an extended stay at a beautiful place called Mequengue.

  10. I’m trying to choose between honeymoon packages / destination weddings packages in costa rica right now so thanks for the info!

  11. Yes,it is great place for honeymoon or family vacation.Thanks for share with us.
    Travel Destinations

  12. Guys, if you need info on traveling in Costa Rica, please visit

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