Posted by: WeddingWire Network | June 12, 2008

How to Trim the Cost of Your Honeymoon

Your romantic get-away shouldn’t force you to foreclose your house or sell off your first born. Here are a few tips to keep your trip on budget without sacrificing a lot.

Book online and with a package

As mentioned in Travelocity vs Travel Agent, online aggregators can be a cheap and effective way to compare airfare/hotel rates. Booking your flight and accommodations together often saves more money that purchasing them separately. Don’t forget about cruise packages too!

Honeymoon Budget Travel

Economy seating

While you may be tempted to splurge by reserving those first class seats, going coach can save you some big dough down the line. Flying with discount airlines (which you can easily find using or also help lowers the cost.

Keep your wallet at home

Stay in an all-inclusive resort, where everything from accommodations, meals, alcoholic drinks, and some water sports, and even tipping are included in the package price. Sure, they may cost more upfront than a traditional resort but it an ultimately be worth the deal if you explore what is offered (or enjoy your beverages).

Humble accommodations

Skip over the 5-star rated resort and try that bed and breakfast inn out. Sure, the facilities may not be world class but remember, a honeymoon is an opportunity for you to discover your loved one, not to discover what’s so infinite about an infinity pool.

Infinity Pool, Greece Honeymoon

The More You Spend…

Remember that down payment on the house you made with your Visa? Don’t forget that you may have frequent flier points linked to your credit card. While finding a package plan can be cheap, using those mileage points can really cut down your costs (don’t forget they can expire too!).

Just In Case

Remember, not all countries you are visiting on your honeymoon have high “quality of life” standards like water or plumbing. So in the event that you do become seriously sick, travel insurance options like MedJet ( or your own health care provider can save you hundreds if you need to be flown out of a remote destination.

Free Money?

Don’t forget, you can always set up a honeymoon registry so your wedding guests can help pitch in for your trip rather than buy another set of dining utensils.,, and even the Marriot Hotels offer easy to use registries.


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