Honeymoon Travel Tips

Planning your honeymoon is just as important your wedding planning process. Most couples get so engulfed in planning their wedding that they don’t allocate enough time to plan the honeymoon that meets their expectations. Follows these travel tips to ensure a successful honeymoon.

1. Set a budget – Make sure that you set a separate budget from your total wedding budget just for the honeymoon. Also, determine how much you want to allocate towards the airfare, hotel, meals, and entertainment.

2. Notify the hotel that it is your honeymoon -Most hotels will make sure that your honeymoon is romantic and special to you if you let them know that you will be traveling there as honeymooners. They will decorate your room to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere and possibly give you a romantic candlelight dinner.

3 – Pack Romantic items – This is your honeymoon so make sure that you pack so that you can make your honeymoon as intimate and romantic as possible. Examples include candles and massage oil.

4 – Make sure you pack ahead of time – This is especially true for couples who book their honeymoon the morning after their wedding day. You will be so busy concerning yourself with the actual wedding day, that you may forget to pack the essentials for your honeymoon. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to pack your bags for your romantic honeymoon.



  1. know about the tips to make your honeymoon romantic and memorable…

    Honeymoon Tips


  2. i am planning to go for my honeymoon month of augest.Can u suggest me any places in india to spend my 5 days.

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